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限定 | 全日和牛豐盛燒肉四人前




A5牛匠岩手黑毛和牛友三角燒肉片 100g

A5牛匠岩手黑毛和牛內裙肉燒肉片 100g

A4牛匠岩手黑毛和牛和尚頭薄片 100g

佐賀名水豚梅肉薄片 100g


佐賀名水豚五花腩薄片 100g

日式牛肉漢堡 110g

厚切豆腐魚球 200g

芥末芝士竹輪 85g

厚燒洋蔥魚餅 130g

日式玉子燒 100g



日本迷你泡芙 110g 


食材全由日本到港, 保證有"家鄉"的味道

牛匠岩手黑毛和牛更加是真正的FARM TO TABLE


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即磨喜瑪拉雅岩鹽及黑椒 (連研磨器) x1

自家制燒肉汁 x1






稀有和牛部位會因應貨源而不定期返貨 #期間限定 #數量有限 #賣完未必再有





*NEW* Premium Japan Wagyu Set for 4



A4 Gyusho Iwate Wagyu Knuckle 100g
A5 Gyusho Iwate Wagyu Shoulder Clod 100g
A5 Gyusho Iwate Wagyu Inside Skirt 100g

Saga Prefecture Pork Loin 100g

Saga Prefecture Pork Plum 100g

Saga Prefecture Pork Belly 100g

Scallion Beef Pancake 110g

Uogashi Age 200g

Cheese Cheechiku 85g

Tamanegi Ten 130g

Atsuyaki Tamago 100g


Mini Puff (Original Favour) 110g 


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(FREE) with*

Himalayan Rock Salt and Black Paper x1

Secret Grill Source x1


Chopsticks, Tissues, Toothpicks, Paper Plates (Individual Packing)
Insulated Bag and Ice Bag


Extra$120 for the Japanese BBQ Pot (Orignal price is $480)

(The vital element of a barbecue stove is it has an uneven (protruding) pattern lines which is able to avoid the gravy of the meat from being dried out due to the surface heat. Besides, the excess oil would also fall off the concave lines, the greasy taste becomes less when tasting and the meat remains juicy with charcoal grill smell in the meantime. The outlook of the meat is more appealing!! The barbecue stove also comes with TWO alcohol fuels and each for 1.5 hours therefore no matter where you are, you can still enjoy the premium Wagyu barbecue.)

全日和牛豐盛燒肉四人前 | Premium Japan Wagyu Set for 4

HK$1,498.00 一般價格
  • 全日和牛豐盛四人前食材全由日本到港, 保證有"家鄉"的味道


    牛匠岩手牛極之罕有,每年只生產1000隻,每月只約有80隻,以往只作日本內銷,The Wagyu Lab由2020年尾才開始引進。



    • 第7回岩手南牛枝肉共勵會 優良賞
    • 第5回全國但馬牛枝肉共進會 優良賞
    • 第19回岩手牛枝肉研究會 優秀賞
    • 第2回岩手牛枝肉共勵會 優秀賞
    • 第21回岩手牛枝肉共進會 優秀賞
    • 第33回岩手牛東農協枝肉共勵 優秀賞
    • 第35回岩手東農協枝肉共勵 優秀賞


    產地 | 日本 - 岩手縣





    -18°C 冷藏食品










    -18°C Frozen Food


    Warm Reminder for Defrosting


    To defrost the frozen meat, take it out from the freezer (-18°C) and put it in the refrigerator (4°C) by removing the vacuum film half day or one day in advanced. Take the defrosted meat out from the refrigerator 10 minutes before you use which keeps the meat at the best freshness.


    you can put the defrosted meat in the room temperature one hour before you use.



    We do not recommend to store the remaining meat in the freezer, please store it in the refrigerator (0-4°C) and use it on the next day.

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