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三角腩(Chuck Short Ribs) 在和牛前腳以上的位置,位於第一至第六條肋骨分割出來的三角形位。和牛三角腩的油脂分佈均衡,具有濃郁的牛肉風味


調味建議: 少許岩鹽及黑椒 | 燒肉汁


Chuck Short Ribs is the meat from the head of the cow towards the middle of the cow’s back side. The meat closest to the head is called “scapula”. This part of the red meat is densely covered by the fat which you can enjoy the rich taste and the perfect texture. The meat becomes very tender and juicy with a strong beef flavour due to the marbled pattern fat. 


Recommended Seasoning: A little bit rock salt and black pepper

A5 牛匠岩手黑毛和牛三角腩燒肉片 | A5 Gyusho Iwate Wagyu Chuck Short Ribs

100 公克
  • 牛匠岩手牛極之罕有,每年只生產1000隻,每月只約有80隻,以往只作日本內銷,The Wagyu Lab由2020年尾才開始引進。



    • 第7回岩手南牛枝肉共勵會 優良賞
    • 第5回全國但馬牛枝肉共進會 優良賞
    • 第19回岩手牛枝肉研究會 優秀賞
    • 第2回岩手牛枝肉共勵會 優秀賞
    • 第21回岩手牛枝肉共進會 優秀賞
    • 第33回岩手牛東農協枝肉共勵 優秀賞
    • 第35回岩手東農協枝肉共勵 優秀賞


    產地 | 日本 - 岩手縣





    -18°C 冷藏食品










    -18°C Frozen Food


    Warm Reminder for Defrosting


    To defrost the frozen meat, take it out from the freezer (-18°C) and put it in the refrigerator (4°C) by removing the vacuum film half day or one day in advanced. Take the defrosted meat out from the refrigerator 10 minutes before you use which keeps the meat at the best freshness.


    you can put the defrosted meat in the room temperature one hour before you use.



    We do not recommend to store the remaining meat in the freezer, please store it in the refrigerator (0-4°C) and use it on the next day.

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