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牛肩肉(Chuck Roll)是指牛頭到牛背中側的肉。其中最靠近牛頭的部分稱為「肩胛肉」。這部分是油花(脂肪)密布的霜降紅肉,可以享受到濃厚的味道與恰到好處的口感,由於帶有大理石紋的脂肪,非常柔嫩多汁,具有濃郁的牛肉風味


調味建議: 少許岩鹽及黑椒 | 燒肉汁


Chunk Roll is the meat from the head of the cow towards the middle of the cow’s back side. The meat closest to the head is called “scapula”. This part of the red meat is densely covered by the fat which you can enjoy the rich taste and the perfect texture. The meat becomes very tender and juicy with a strong beef flavour due to the marbled pattern fat. 


Recommended Seasoning: A little bit rock salt and black pepper

A5 熊本「和王」黑毛和牛牛肩肉燒肉片 | A5 Kumamoto Wagyu Chuck Roll

100 公克
  • 來自熊本縣的頂級品種「和王」,是為和牛之霸。 熊本和牛肉質軟嫩且帶有溫和的味道,和牛油花遍佈均勻、鮮嫩且入口即化,是非常適合料理的極上牛種。 「熊本牛」飼養數量為全日本第4,年產量約5萬頭,當地認證系統中的「和王」,是最高品質象徵。 





    3、BMS (Beef Marbling Standard 油花標準等級)需達到6以上



    產地 | 日本九州中部 - 熊本縣


    100g | 燒肉片


    -18°C 冷藏食品




    Origin: Kumamoto


    100g / pack

    -18°C Frozen Food


    Please leave in the room temperature to defrost for one hour before consumption

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