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用上日本頂級和牛及少量牛脂肪製成,肉味濃郁及肉汁極度豐富,厚度適中 煎焗後保留到軟嫩既口感




因為這款漢堡扒用的是純牛肉,黏度沒有溝過雜肉的高,解凍至 70~80% 左右就可以了

The beef burger steak is made with Japanese Wagyu beef and a small amount of beef fat which provides a rich meat flavour and rich gravy. It has a moderate thickness which retains its tenderness and taste after being fried.

日本特級和牛漢堡扒 | Premium Japan Wagyu Beef Burger Steak

200 公克
  • 200g | 每包


    -18°C 冷藏食品




    200g / pack

    -18°C Frozen Food


    The Wagyu Beef Burger Steak needs only 15mins to defrost in the room temperature before consumption.

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