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適合2 - 4人用



酒精燃料 X2

燒肉夾 X1


The vital element of a barbecue stove is it has an uneven (protruding) pattern lines which is able to avoid the gravy of the meat from being dried out due to the surface heat. Besides, the excess oil would also fall off the concave lines, the greasy taste becomes less when tasting and the meat remains juicy with charcoal grill smell in the meantime. The outlook of the meat is more appealing!! The barbecue stove also comes with TWO alcohol fuels and each for 1.5hours therefore no matter where you are, you can still enjoy the premium Wagyu barbecue. 


For 2 - 4 People


Alcohol fuel x 2
Barbecue Tong x 1

日式烤肉鍋 | Japanese BBQ Pot

HK$480.00 一般價格
  • 只可跟套餐同時購買


    Size | W21cm x H10.5cm




    Alcohol fuel included (for around 1.5 hours) X2


    Everybody can enjoy the delicious Japanese Wagyu Barbecue anywhere and anytime! 

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